My name is Lana Kudinova, MA in Counselling form The University of Manchester, UK.
I work with normal people dealing with challenging situations.
I believe that people know what they need in life. As a psychologist, I help to build a correct environment so you could see your potential and resources.
In my work, I use integration of different approaches. I think there is no just one approach that is able to solve any problem. Some approaches works better with some situations and useless with others.
It is also depends on person I work with; some people are used to work with logic, while others are more in touch with their feelings. My main focus is CBT and a Family System approach. Although I can use logotherapy, existential therapy, art-therapy and many others.
How can I help you?!
⦁ I can help you to understand current situation in your family
⦁ I can help you to hear and understand your partner
⦁ I can help you to understand your feelings
⦁ I can help you to learn how to control your emotions
⦁ I can help you to see your resources, your potential, and to start to love yourself
⦁ I can help you to bring back harmony into your life
⦁ I can help you to overcome fear and depression so you could see the rainbow of life again I will teach you not only what to do, but also how to do it.
I will teach you a new strategy of thinking, so you could use it even when we finish our work.
To change your life is not always easy. But you don’t have to do it alone and in one step. When children learn how to walk it’s also difficult for them. They learn it not in one day and they have support.
It’s ok to ask for help. And I will support you on your way.

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